Burlington, Iowa Frozen January Riverfront


The Burlington Rail Bridge (pictured below) is a vertical-lift railroad bridge that crosses the Mississippi River between Burlington, Iowa and Gulf Port, Illinois.


The Great River Bridge crosses the Mississippi River at Burlington, Iowa on US Route 34 across fromĀ Gulf Port, Illinois







view from the Riverfront back at the town of Burlington..


i heart cemeteries

This is off Illinois Route 96, also called the GREAT RIVER ROAD, following along the Mississippi River. Tull Cemetery is between Pontoosuc and Niota, Illinois. I followed one of those highway signs denoting a historic cemetery, kept seeing a lot of those, wondering what makes any cemetery “historic” or not and it was a good, chill day so I thought I would meander around to check it out.

down the country road a bit where I found the tossed xmas decorations then branching off to another less of a road, seeming more a driveway- that did lead straight to a house, barn and other buildings..branching off again right before it to an even lesser road by now just a set of tire tracks and through an open gate to this opening in the surrounding woods..

I still don’t know the answer to the historic question but it is a well-kept, peaceful place, properly feeling rooted in another time.


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